Tuesday, July 24, 2012

& Miles Don't Mean Anything

99% of the time, I hate being in a relationship that is sometimes long distance. Especially since that distance is 886 miles. But since it might be long distance again soon, I'm finding myself looking for silver linings. Like the fact that I will finally have enough time to apply as an RA, or tutor to build up my resume. But one of my absolute favorite things about being in my kinda sorta long distance relationship is all the cool places I've been able to see thanks to Brandon.
This is me and my boo thaang
Brandon and I met our freshman year. We were friends for a semester, more than friends for a semester, and then pretty heavily in love since. Unfortunately, I'm from Chicago, where we met, and Brandon is from Connecticut. Not at all close. Which means sometimes (summer, for instance, and possibly longer starting in a few months) he has to be there and I have to be here. Which sucks. But, here's the silver lining: before Brandon, I had been to the East Coast once. My sophomore year of high school, I went on a school trip to New York for choir. I hated it. I thought it was Chicago but louder and more crowded. Little did I know, the East Coast has a lot more to offer than just the big city.
I first visited Connecticut last July. Since then, because of dating Brandon, I have gotten to see Connecticut, Boston, Maine, Rhode Island, and New York again (for the record, I still hated it but so did he). And two weeks I will find myself in New Hampshire, another place I've never been, staying at a lake house with Brandon's family. The East Coast is so incredibly different than the Midwest, and I really love getting to see it all and experience new things. I never thought I'd get to hang out on a beach in Newport or see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. It also makes me feel closer to Brandon because I get to see the places he grew up around. And while the distance does suck a LOT, when I graduate we can finally pick a place to live together. But until then I plan to enjoy all of the new places dating my boy takes me.
Tubing in Maine!

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  1. Your love story is so cute..
    I hope i have the same story.. :)
    But i also hate long distances..

    by the way, i'm your new follower,
    hope you follow back! ;)