Sunday, July 1, 2012

Political blogging and being a kid with an autoimmune disease

I try not to get too political on the internet, but I’m so incredibly relieved that the supreme court upheld Obama care.
Two years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. It’s a chronic illness that can make you anemic, malnourished, and cause your immune system not to work correctly. When I was finally diagnosed I was consisting on a diet of only ginger ale and saltines, could barely leave the house, and had lost over 30 pounds. Things are better now that I'm on medication, but during flares sometimes its hard for me to go about my normal life because I’ll be in a lot of pain for days at a time. But mostly I’m lucky, my case is not nearly as severe as some people’s Crohn’s.
It is also an expensive disease. I have had test upon test to try to figure out how severe it is, what parts of my intestines are covered in ulcers, etc. I have to take my medication every day, otherwise I wouldn’t effectively be able to go to school, work, etc. My medication, though, is very expensive.
That is why I would like to thank the people who are fighting for affordable healthcare. I did not choose to have this disease, and it is an immense relief to know that when I graduate from college and am looking for a job that I can stay on my parents insurance and still be able to afford my medicine. Because without the insurance, I couldn’t pay for my medicine, and without my medicine I wouldn’t be healthy enough to hold down a job.
I understand that people disagree with Obama care. I just want to give a human face to the people that really need health care reform. Your views might change if you ever got diagnosed with a chronic illness.

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