Wednesday, July 4, 2012

True Life: I Cry During Movie Trailers

I've seen two good movies over the past three days. On Sunday, I wanted to get my sickly boyfriend out of the house because he was getting antsy on the couch. We had watched one too many episodes of Storage Wars and we were developing both cabin fever and a weird preoccupation with Brandi and Jarrod's personal lives.
We had way too much time on our hands
An avid fan of Family Guy, I've been wanting to see Ted pretty much since I knew it existed. I love Mark Wahlberg almost as much as I love Mila Kunis (she's been on my list of top girl crushes since her days on That 70's Show). When we got to the theater, the man behind us kept going on and on about how he hated Family Guy and that "this movie better be funny". If we had been sitting behind him I would have "accidentally" kicked the back of his chair, hard. Maybe it's just me, but if you hate Family Guy and you go see Ted and think it's not funny, that's your own freaking fault. 
I love movie trailers. Sometimes they're my favorite part of the movie experience, although I love the popcorn too. We saw a few trailers that looked really funny, including one about two girls running a phone sex line out of their apartment that I'm making a mental note to see. Then a preview came on for a new Disney movie, and I literally teared up and shed a tear. I need to get my hormones in check.
The movie was hilarious. Seth MacFarlane was a delightfully offensive genius, as usual, and Marky Mark and Mila were great to watch. I would definitely recommend seeing it. It had great obscure references to pop culture, which I realize not everyone likes, but I love.
In the spirit of today, Uncle Sam Ted
 Then last night Mal and I saw Magic Mike! There is nothing not to like about a male stripper movie, and my new goal is to go to Vegas and see the Thunder from Down Under. I've heard a lot of criticisms for this movie, ranging from "not enough plot" to "too much talking not enough stripping". We both agreed that it was a good balance of both decent plot and good looking, clothes-less men. I came for Matthew McConaughey, loved Matt Bomer and Channing Tatum as expected, but found a new favorite in Alex Pettyfer. His character turned out to be a let-down, but he was gorgeous. If you're on a budget I'd probably recommend Ted over Magic Mike, but both are definitely worthwhile, even if you only see Magic Mike for the sake of seeing Alex Pettyfer in a thong and a cop hat. Trust me, it's worth the ten bucks. All in all it was a great weekend to see movies, and I'm sure with Savages coming out this weekend I can expect to keep shoveling out money on some good summer flicks.

Happy 4th of July from me and the boys of Magic Mike!


  1. Storage Wars definitely gets old after awhile! haha. Glad you and Mallory had fun at the movie--I still haven't decided if I'm going to go see it yet.

  2. Damn right we saw Magic Mike! It was AWESOME and totally worth the $10. THANK YOU CHANNING TATUM.

    Also, I would totally be one of those people who thinks Ted isn't funny. Good thing you're going with MY boyfriend to see it again! I'll owe you one;)