Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The 4 Things You Need to Know to be my BFF

First off, sorry for my serious hiatus from blogging. The past few weeks were a whirlwind of quality boyfriend time and east coast vacation-ing (I'll post pictures when he sends them to me!) but now I'm back with a back-to-school post, but not of the fashion variety.

It's getting to be that time again: a new semester of college! And while I'm not a freshman, it's always fun to make new friends (remember in kindergarten when you were always on the look out for new bffs? let's go back to that). So today, I'm blogging about the top four things you should know about me if you were going to become my new best friend for fucking ever.

  • I have a light switch attention span   By that I mean, I am either entirely obsessed with something or utterly uninterested. I lack a middle ground. While this is sometimes frustrating, it's also fun, because it means when I like something I LOVE it. Which means lots of fun geeking out over things like the season finale of Gossip Girl or the fact that Josh Hutcherson is blonde again.
    I have a thing for Peeta
  • My music taste is incredibly un-hip
    Any trendy music I actually know the name of or words to is all thanks to the boyfriend. When I'm by myself and controlling the music (like right now), it's a constant stream of country music, Backstreet Boys, and the occasional musical (I've seen RENT live three times). Sure, being able to talk about music like La Dispute or Bon Iver or whatever the kids are listening to these days probably gives you street cred, but I would much rather sing Carrie Underwood at the top of my lungs. I've seen BSB in concert twice in the past two years, and I just know letting out my inner six year old was probably more fun than Lollapalooza. Just personal preference.
    This may or may not be a homemade shirt I made for the NKOTBSB concert
  •  I always have my nose in a bookI have a full blown addiction to buying books. I'm an English major, so obviously I love to read, and I like to always have plenty of good books to read on hand for when I finish one. My goodreads account is updated religiously and I carry a paperback in my purse at all times in case of slow work days or long lines. I just finished reading The Silver Linings Playbook.
    Picked these up at the Printer's Row Lit Fest
  • Most importantly: I am super weird.You know those girls (ahem, Zooey Deschanel) that claim to be "weird" but are really just quirky and adorable? Yeah, that's not me. If you couldn't tell already, I pride myself on my dry sense of humor. I tell off color jokes, often prefer sitting home and watching Buffy reruns to going out, and watch YouTube interviews of the cast of The Hunger Games in my spare time. My best friends from high school are all also super weird girls, so it works. I seem incredibly normal upon first meeting me, but don't be fooled, kids. Get me warmed up and I will be tweeting at you in all caps and talking your ear off about how I cried when Dobby died (but that's not weird, right? Everyone did that).
    Instead of a sexy Halloween costume, I like to be Zenon.
    So hopefully in spite of (or because of?!) my weird qualities, I pick up a few new BFF's this school year. Here's to another semester!

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