Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Get My News From Huffington Post (& Other Signs I Am Not A Real Adult)

As a big city collegiette, it's easy sometimes to be so caught up in my busy schedule of classes, work, and sorority business that I forget I'm only twenty years old (one month til 21!). I've always been "mature for my age" (whatever that means), and often like to think of myself as an adult. Thankfully, I'm not, because I much prefer this college version of pseudo-adulthood to the full-blown, real, bill-paying kind. So without further ado, the top five parts of my life that bring me down to earth and remind me that I'm not quite my mother yet.

1. My go-to source for news is The Huffington Post.
Because who doesn't love a website where you can get both analysis of the economy and a story about Kim Kardashian's maternity wardrobe? And who needs things like original stories when they can provide the links to the original stories? And who cares about the occasional typo? I just want to get enough world knowledge to feel like I'm up to date. I also want to read about the Haylor break-up. Sue me.

2. My bank account. Period.
Around this time of year after paying for Christmas presents, textbooks, and sorority dues, I start to get good morning texts every morning from my good friend Chase. By good morning texts, I mean low balance alerts. Nothing makes you wallow in self-loathing more than that text after every purchase letting you know that you really shouldn't have bought that salad from Panera.

3. My idea of a home-cooked meal usually involves something out of the freezer.
I love fast food. I love restaurant food. I love pretty much any food that someone else prepared for me. If it weren't for the current state of my finances, I would probably eat out every day, no shame. My fantasy life involves marrying rich so I can have an in-home chef. Clearly, I'm lazy when it comes to cooking. Sometimes I'll try to "be good" and make my boyfriend and I dinner. As adventurous as I've gotten with that is pasta with vodka sauce, and I was beyond proud. Nevermind the fact that he took over halfway through so I wouldn't burn the house down.

4. I don't know how to change a tire. Or do my taxes. 
Every year when it comes time for tax season, I call up my dad. In fact, writing this reminded me to add that to my to-do list. He works at a bank and knows all the good grown-up money things and does his own taxes every year. And mine. He has also been begging me for years to let him teach me how to change a tire, and I have thus far avoided it. That's what AAA is for, right? 

5. My laptop case is neon orange. I bought it at Victoria's Secret PINK.
This past semester, I started my observation hours at a high school. I already look like I'm about 14 years old, so I went out to New York & Company and bought some "teacher clothes" in an attempt to look a little more authoritative. However, nothing nullifies your authority like carrying a floral backpack and encasing your electronics in girly colored cases. I love my pink Vera Bradley Kindle case, but it doesn't really scream "serious young professional".


  1. I love this! All I can think is that this is exactly me - even down to the pink covers. Although, I still say 'grown up' so my journey to proper adulthood is looking like a long one!

  2. I just completely stalked your blog, and I swear we have sooo much in common! I'm coming back to the blogging world once I'm settled back into school next week, and I cant wait to come back & read more from you!

    PS- growing up sucks. I just took down my neon flamingo themed bathroom decorations, and put up expensive big girl shit. My towels went from rainbow paradise to beige. BEIGE!! Kill me.