Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Being the Best- Without a Doubt

Back to a more serious topic, because I've been in an incredibly self-reflective mood these days. Ang and I have been having a lot of awesome heart-to-hearts and it's made me more determined than ever to achieve my various goals. Since not everyone has a best friend they can be so painfully honest with, I figured I'd share some of our collective wisdom with the blogging world. (PS- she just started a blog of her own and it's already fabulous. Go check it out here)
Best friends in blog and in life
So with all of the awesomeness that comes with deciding to go after your dreams, there's the not-so-nice side of things as well: self-doubt. It's natural, terrible, and sometimes absolutely crippling. I have an incredibly theatrical personality, so I often find myself SO EXCITED AND SURE about an idea one minute, only to be ragging on myself the next, sure that whatever I wanted to do is absolute garbage. It's a vicious and self-destructive cycle, and it's certainly no way to get anything done.
I'm not saying self-doubt is something that will ever go away. Even the people you look up to and admire feel it from time to time: it's a natural human emotion. But it's important to recognize self-doubt as a part of life and be able to move past it. If you never take any risks you'll never get rejected, but you probably won't succeed either.
We live in a time where validation is huge. You tweet something funny, and you want people to retweet it. You post a picture of your new outfit on Instagram and you measure your self worth in number of likes. It's not good, but it's something we all do subconsciously. Oprah recently spoke about how after all of the interviews she's conducted over the years, the interviewee always turns to her afterwards and asks, "Was that okay?" (Even Beyonce, guys. Queen freakin' B doubts herself from time to time, too.)
Proof that no matter how talented you are, self-doubt is still a real thing
It's normal to want someone to reassure you and push you out of that hole of self-doubt. But success and happiness are going to become a lot more attainable when you become that person for yourself. Know that you're capable of great things, and let the doubt pass. Let it be the cherry-on-top when someone compliments you, not the motivation you need to move forward. The sooner you face your doubts head on and work hard in spite of them, the sooner you will see your life fall into the place you've imagined.

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