Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pro Tip: Girls Don't Dress for Guys

For some reason this is a topic that's been all over my consciousness lately, and it never fails to bug me. I've been hearing a lot of advice lately along the lines of:
"Don't wear red lipstick, guys don't like it."
"Guys don't like when you wear too much makeup."
"You're too tall, don't wear heels or you'll intimidate guys."
You get the idea. If I hear one more person tell me not to wear/do something because "guys don't like it," I'm going to hit someone. Do a quick google search for "trends guys hate" and you'll find almost every women's or fashion magazine in existence telling you what not to wear if you want positive male attention. It just so happens that like, 90% of the stuff on those lists happen to be things I kind of love, but I digress.

Here's the thing: if I like how something looks on me, or I like how bright red lipstick makes me feel, why the hell does it matter if guys like it or not?
There seems to be this attitude that if you're a single woman, everything you say/do/wear should be in the lifelong quest of nabbing yourself a good man. Even girls in relationships get this spouted at them: to keep the man in your life happy, wear what he likes you to wear, not what you like. But what we decide to wear or do or say as women shouldn't be done just to make the men around us more comfortable.

For me, fashion and beauty are those feminine things I revel in, and I'm not going to stop wearing things I think are beautiful because a guy might not like it. I love clothes, and any guy worth my time will be okay with that. He may not love peplum or floppy hats, but I do, and that's gonna have to be okay. If I'm nice, and funny, and smart, and you like having a conversation with me, should it matter if I'm wearing a bow in my hair? No.

If I'm dressing to impress anyone, it's myself, or other girls who's sense of style I admire. What you wear is an awesome, fun way to express yourself. So don't let that self-expression get watered down because you're worried a guy might not like it. Honestly, most of the guys I know would rather have someone who's happy and confident in their own skin than someone who's wearing something skintight just because they think it'll get them male attention.

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