Sunday, January 26, 2014

#SororitySaturday (On a Sunday, Oops)

So I realize this is a sorority Saturday post, and I further realize today is Sunday, but this new semester has kind of been kicking my ass already. Senioritis at its finest.

Along with stealing your motivation, senior year will make you really nostalgic. Lately, I've been just so happy and overwhelmed with how much I love all the women I've gotten to know over the past four years. So stick with me, cause this post might get a little sappy. 

Looking at sororities from an outside perspective, it's easy to wonder why girls would want to spend so much time with each other. I get that question all the time: "Isn't there a lot of drama?"

And sure, sometimes there is, like there would be with any organization or group of friends. But I can genuinely say I care about every woman in our chapter room, and I'd do anything I could to help them if they needed it. So, aside from all the stereotypes about what it means to be in a sorority, here's what having sisters by my side has meant to me in my college career.
PC 10 forever & ever
Never eating lunch alone. This sounds silly, but in college there are going to be things you want to go do, like grab Potbelly on your break from class, go try a new workout class, or go out on Thursday night because you've had a long week. Being in a sorority means always having at least a dozen good friends you can call up at any given time to do those things with. There's some post going around that says "Being in a sorority means to me... having 40 people to call at 3 AM," And it's true. From my best friends to the sisters I'm still getting to know, I know they'd be there for me if I needed them.

Always feeling safe. I know some girls who go to the bars on weekends looking for guys (which is fine, you do you!). But the truth is, especially if you live in a big city like me, it's potentially dangerous to get hot mess wasted with a bunch of guys you just met. I know when I go out with my sisters, though, that I'll always get home safe. Someone's always got your back. I would never let anything happen to them, and I know they would never let anything happen to me. No sister left behind, right?

A crazy awesome support system. This is honestly one of the best parts, and if you're someone who's thinking of rushing, this is the best reason. My sisters are so freaking supportive of one another's goals and dreams. We've done goal setting meetings together where we set goals for the next month, year, five years, etc. and I'm not sure anyone has ever made me feel as validated as my sisters have. There's something about being surrounded by strong, smart women who want to accomplish big things that makes you believe you can accomplish big things too. Whenever I have life talks with any of them I walk away feeling like I can take on the world. Nothing gives you that sense of support quite like a sorority can: they're literally my family away from home. 

So sorry to get mushy on you guys, but I'm just really feeling the sisterly love these days. It's great to be a senior looking back and be able to tangibly see what you and your friends have built. Here's to finishing what we started!

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