Monday, January 13, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and the Funny: Golden Globes Edition

With the People's Choice Awards last week and the Golden Globes last night, it's safe to say awards season is in full swing. I love award shows: pretty dresses, attractive guys with beards, and all my favorite celebrities in one room interacting with each other (I'm looking at you, Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift). So if you didn't have time to watch, or if you watched with friends and spent more time talking about Leonardo DiCaprio than actually watching, here's a recap.

Red Carpet Fashion
So I had to Google Lupita Nyong'o, but the 12 Years A Slave star was without a doubt the best dressed for the entire show. Her red, caped Ralph Lauren dress was stunning and simple, and for the rest of the night I looked but no one else quite matched up.

Some of my favorite hair choices were on Sandra Bullock, who went with a low side pony, and Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, who opted for Heidi-esque braids. Taylor Swift went with an Old Hollywood reminiscent look that she's done before, but she looked gorgeous doing it.

Zooey Deschanel's two-piece Oscar de la Renta combination reminded me of Larisa Oleynik's prom outfit in 10 Things I Hate About You, aka, best left in the 90's. She was also wearing a trend I noticed a lot last night and don't particularly love: hi-lo hemlines that hit just at the ankle, showing off the shoes. Everyone from Aubrey Plaza to Elizabeth Moss was doing it, but I think Michelle Dockery was the only one who might have actually pulled it off.
Not loving the two separate pieces look
It kills me to say this, because I am an unabashed Jennifer Lawrence lover, but her dress was a miss with the double belt situation. I'll let it slide though, because she self-confessedly knows nothing about fashion and lets her stylists choose everything for her.

Amber Heard went the safe route but was gorgeous nonetheless, as usual. Paula Patton's choice in dress confuses me almost as much as her choice in men. Golden Globe winner Amy Adams was channeling her American Hustle character Sydney Prosser, and her cleavage took center stage just as it did through the whole movie.
An unconventional favorite came from Emma Watson, who wore pants under an open-backed dress. The reviews are mixed, but I loved that she took a risk and did something out of the ordinary.

The Show Itself
There's nothing I can say about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's opening monologue other than "it was amazing." Seriously, if you missed the show, watch it here. My favorite joke of the night had to be the funny dig at George Clooney's love of younger women.
Jennifer Lawrence made up for her odd dress choice with her adorably flustered acceptance speech, which by now is nothing new. My favorite part would have to be when she admitted that even she doesn't watch all of the movies nominated. She also brought on-again off-again boyfriend Nicholas Hoult as her date, so apparently they're on again? The X-Men fan in me is happy.
Margot Robbie of Wolf of Wall Street was endearing as well, admitting nerves as she presented for the first time ever alongside Award Show veteran Jonah Hill.
By far the best part of the show would have to be Emma Thompson, presenting an award while holding her heels in one hand and a drink in the other, like the badass that she is.
Also, apparently we should all start watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

For a full list of winners, check out USA Today.

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