Sunday, February 9, 2014

#SororitySaturday: Why Rush?

My chapter's bid day was yesterday (which is why this post comes on a Sunday again. Maybe I should just switch to #sororitysunday?), and as always, it was so much fun. It's always great to spend the day with my sisters, and it's even better when we're welcoming new members into our little family.

Recruitment is one of my favorite times of year, because I get to meet new people and share my sorority experience with them, which is something I'm incredibly passionate about. I love seeing new women come into our sisterhood because I know they have great things to look forward to, and if they're lucky, they'll have as much fun as I've had the past four years.
Throwin what I know at the Capitol
But I also know that from the perspective of a potential new member, recruitment is a scary time. You're meeting a bunch of girls for the first time and trying to decide if they're a good fit for you, all while trying to be impressive and interesting. It's stressful, for sure. But one of the things I always try to make sure of when I'm talking to a PNM is simple but so important: are you rushing for the right reasons?

There are a lot of reasons a girl might come to recruitment. For myself, it was my older sister. She was president of her sorority, and I knew how much she loved it, so I wanted that kind of sisterhood, too. Other people are drawn in by networking, or leadership, or the idea of instant friendships.

A lot of times, though, the ideas girls have about sororities are out of date or just not true. Some girls come because they buy into the stereotype that all sorority girls do is party, and they want to meet frat guys. Some girls come because all their friends joined and they don't want to be left out. Some girls come because they want the status and the cute t-shirts.

What I'd tell those girls is to really reflect on why they want this. A sorority is amazing and crazy and wonderful, but it's also work. It's a lifelong commitment. It's giving your all to an organization in order to help it grow and thrive. Sometimes it's trying, and sometimes it feels like a lot. And if the only reason you're here is so you can wear a hoodie with Greek letters on it, you're going to have a tough time sticking it out when things get hard. I've known plenty of girls who join for the wrong reasons and end up dropping out before they initiate because they wanted sorority life to be something it wasn't.
Some of the ladies I've been lucky enough to spend the past four years with
Being in my chapter has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. I've held multiple positions, planned some awesome events, and developed friendships with women I love and respect beyond belief. So if that's what you're looking for, I definitely recommend checking out a recruitment event at your school. If you give it your all, it'll give back to you in spades. Just make sure your reasons are the right ones before you make the decision: its a commitment, but its one I promise you won't regret.

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