Monday, April 21, 2014

A Weekend in Washington DC

I was lucky in enough to spend my Easter weekend on Capitol Hill, visiting my older sister Heather who lives and works there. I've been to DC a handful of times now, and each time I fall a little bit more in love with the atmosphere there. Unlike Chicago, it's not all skyscrapers and concrete (don't get me wrong- I adore Chicago). DC is a lot more quaint and historic: think brick paved roads and sidewalks, and neighborhoods that are quite literally colorful.
Row houses in Capitol Hill
I was able to spend Friday on the Mall, enjoying the view of the monuments and hitting up some of my favorite Smithsonian museums. I visited the American History museum, where I saw Dorothy's ruby slippers and a full-scale model of a retro CTA train car. I'll admit I geeked out a lot over the actual robes from the Harry Potter set that they had on display. Then at the museum of Air and Space, we checked out the Wright Brothers exhibit. It was a busy day of museum-ing, made quite a bit longer by the massive crowds of school field trips.

By far one of my favorite parts of this (and really any) trip was the food. We went to Cava Mezze on Friday, a Mediterranean tapas restaurant. I surprised myself- I usually hate shared plates situations. You know the episode of Friends where Joey refuses to share food with his date? Yeah, well Sam doesn't share food either. But the plus side to tapas when it came to Cava Mezze was that there were so many things on the menu I wanted, small plates allowed me to try all of it. That included some Saganaki (aka cheese on literal fire) and some amazing steak- my kind of meal.
Fresh flowers at Eastern Market
My sister always makes fun of me for my love of Eastern Market, most specifically, of the lunch counter there. Eastern Market is a giant indoor farmer's market type of situation, and I'm guilty of eating there every single time I visit. They have a crab cake sandwich that is, I do not exaggerate, one of my favorite things I have ever eaten. And I have eaten a lot of things. Needless to say I indulged my obsession yet again, plus we got to walk around through the outdoor vendors that sell everything from cute jewelry to furniture to art. I've been working up the nerve to rock a big floppy hat for a while now, and I finally bought one, so I'd say the day was a shopping success.
Turkish lanterns at Eastern Market
Floppy Hat Status
We wrapped up our sight-seeing with a river cruise on the Potomac. It was supposed to be a cherry blossom tour, but with the year's weather the blossoms were sadly nowhere to be found (although we did manage to see some in Capitol Hill!). In spite of the lack of cherry blossoms, the cruise was a beautiful way to see all the monuments out on the water- it made me feel like summer isn't quite so far away.
Managed to find some cherry blossoms!

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