Saturday, April 12, 2014

To My Fellow Seniors

Being a senior in college is truly an emotional roller coaster. There's the 2 AM freak outs when you realize you really shouldn't have put off that paper for so long, the near impossible wake up calls for your 8 AM class after you stayed out too late last night (because senior year YOLO), and the endless stream of job listings, cover letters, and lease agreements as you figure out what the hell it is you're going to do with your life.

And this point, depending on where you go to school, you're probably in the home stretch. I only have three weeks! So naturally, in between panicking about how to finish all these final projects, I've been getting crazy sentimental. It's easy to focus on all of your "lasts:" your last dollar beer night, your last final exam, your last days living on campus. So if like me and my friends, you're scrambling to fit in all those last college experiences, here's a handy list of everything to do in the next few weeks, while it's still socially acceptable to stay out until 3 on a Wednesday because you just had to go sing karaoke.
College has brought some beautiful, sunshiney people into my life
1. Eat on campus one more time. It'll bring back that freshman year dining hall nostalgia.

2. Relish the ability to wear yoga pants and a big t-shirt to class while you still can. The working world frowns upon that kind of stuff.

3. Refuse to answer questions about what your "plan" is. Try to enjoy just being for a little bit longer.

4. Don't go home when the bar closes at 2. (That's what 4 AM bars are made for.)

5. Conversely, leave the bar at 2. Proceed to go get Taco Bell.

6. Recreate the good old days of freshman year and stay in and just drink and hang with friends. Sure, the reason you did that at 18 was because you couldn't get into bars, but it's still fun to have chill nights every now and again.

7. Take ALL THE NAPS. Soon you'll be working during pretty much all daytime hours.

8. Thank your parents. Even if they didn't financially support you through school, they're some of the people who got you here.

9. Thank a professor who taught you something really meaningful. Do it not just because you need a letter of recommendation, but because you really mean it.

10. Visit somewhere beautiful on campus and really appreciate it. Whether it's the quad or just your favorite spot in the library, take advantage.

11. Apply to some jobs. It may be stressful, but it'll help stave off that feeling that you have no control over your future, and it'll prevent you from having to live with your parents when this month is up.

12. Appreciate your friendships. After college, a lot of people will probably scatter to different parts of the world to pursue their dreams. Make a point to keep in touch with the people you really care about.

13. Have fun. Don't stress. There are great things ahead of us. 

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