Thursday, May 22, 2014

Steal the Look: Festival Style

Whether you're a fan of Lollapalooza or more of a Coachella girl, there's no denying that after the music, the best part of festivals is the fashion. It's almost like Halloween–– festival-goers go all out in things you could never pull off in everyday life. Except maybe you can.

The biggest trick to pulling off any look is confidence. We can't all afford to go to the concerts, but that doesn't mean we can't get in on the fashion part of it. Here are some styles you can integrate into your normal summer wardrobe that'll look fashion forward and fun without going over the top.

Bleached Cut-offs
When shopping for summer shorts, channel your inner Vanessa Hudgens and pick a high waisted bleached pair like these. They can be paired with almost anything–– a tucked in tank, a crop top, an over-sized t-shirt. They're vintage looking and fun, but still everyday enough to wear hanging out with friends. 

Fringe Maxi Dress
This maxi dress captures a key festival trend––fringe–– in a way that's still wearable for other occasions. And in black, it's incredibly versatile and universally flattering. 

Crochet Crop Top
Crop tops are literally everywhere these days, so they've officially transcended their post as concert-only wear. Try a bustier style, or this loose-fitting crochet detail version.

Tribal Print Peg Pants
This loose-fitting, tribal style is perfect for channeling festival style on cooler summer days. Paired with heels and a blazer they can even contribute to a fun yet professional workplace look. 

Flower Crown
No festival look is complete without a flower crown, but it can be tough to find one to wear for everyday that won't make you look ridiculous. Go for one with smaller flowers like this, and pair it with a flowy black sundress for an ethereal look that isn't too intense.

Chain Hand Jewelry
This ring/bracelet hybrid has been showing up at festivals this season, but they can work with a casual or formal outfit as well. This one is delicate enough that it'll serve as a conversation starter but you won't feel self-conscious about wearing something too out of the ordinary. 

Graphic Tees
Graphic tees are a perfect way to integrate casual festival style into your everyday look. This jersey tee is perfect for a laid back day of shopping, and would look great paired with leather leggings. 


  1. I'm DYING to get denim high waisted shorts and flower crowns. I don't know how well it'll go over in Central Illinois, but I'm going to make Ang venture out with me and see how it goes over. ;)

  2. woah love this. thanks for the looks :)