Sunday, May 4, 2014

What Your Favorite Disney Princess Says About You


You've got that hot-girl-who's-also-clumsy thing down pat. You're a romantic to a fault, and sometimes it gets you in serious trouble–– please don't go getting engaged to a guy you literally just met, okay? You have a serious longing for big things outside your life at the moment, whether it's a guy, a job, or just some friends to build that snowman with. 
That, or you're 4 years old and you've yet to see the rest of the great Disney movies that pre-date your birth. In this case, you should probably stop reading this blog ASAP.


You're super exotically beautiful and probably weirdly close with your cat. You identify as a feminist and want any guys knocking at your door to know you aren't just some prize to be won. You're definitely a catch–– you've got money, a good family, and hair most people would sell their soul for. But there's more than what's on the surface with you: you're sassy and have a killer sense of adventure (you're probably someone who regularly uses weird fake names at the bar).


You're really smart, which is probably your defining characteristic. You love to read and don't care too much for socializing–– you'd probably be okay with exclusively hanging in your big library with only inanimate objects as company (be wary if you think they come alive and start singing "Be Our Guest"). Your favorite social media outlet is your GoodReads, and your idea of a night out is getting wine drunk at your monthly book club meeting. You're really pretty, but you know there's more important things in life than looks, which is why you're not hung up on how your significant other looks.


Girl, go take a nap. And while you're at it, watch some other Disney movies, because if Aurora is your favorite I'm a little confused. SHE'S LITERALLY ASLEEP FOR 98% OF THE MOVIE. I get it, her hair is really killin' it, but you can still do better. I believe in you.


You are the quintessential princess. Even if your prince hasn't actually come yet, you're always optimistic that he's on his way. The people in your life aren't that great (evil stepmother, anyone?) which is why you're constantly longing for a new life as royalty. You post a lot of OOTD's on Instagram hoping you'll get discovered as the next great fashion blogger. Luckily for you, you have a fairy godmother (or best friend) who can pull you out of your funk and put you into a hot BCBG dress she's letting you borrow for the night. Just try not to lose any shoes.

Snow White

You're not the brightest (don't take any apples––or drinks–– from strangers), but you're incredibly kind. You're probably kind of earthy, because animals freakin' love you. Sometimes your good looks can make you the object of other people's hate, but don't let them get your selfie game down- you have a crazy loyal group of best friends who can get you out of almost any sticky situation. 


You are a WARRIOR, girl. You've never let a "no" stop you from doing what you've set your mind to, whether it's fighting for your country or just fighting for what you believe in. You've got an awesome sense of humor and you fit in great with the guys. Your determination will get you far in life, if not also putting you in some dangerous situations. You definitely know how to get down to business (although hopefully you don't personally have to defeat the Huns.)


You probably feel stuck in a rut, and you'd do almost anything to get out of it (PRO TIP: do not give up your voice to an evil sea-witch-lady, no matter how hot the guy is). You're dying to get out into the world and make your mark, but you're still a little bit naive. You always think the grass is greener on the other side, so make sure you know what you're getting into. If you're taking life advice from a seagull and a crab, I'd say you still need some work–– besides, who in their right mind gives up being a mermaid?


You're a little bit of a hippie at heart. You're strong and idealistic, and you love to rock a good flower crown like it's Coachella every damn day. You spend a lot of time protesting various things via Facebook. You're really good at understanding the perspectives of others, and helping your friends do the same. You're probably a pretty serious environmentalist, and your intelligence and empathy will serve your causes well. 

Odds are you're a fabulous cook, or equally awesome in some other homey field. Unlike some of your fellow princesses, you don't spend all your valuable time trying to hunt down your next boyfriend–– you'd rather spend it working toward your goals. You're fiscally responsible, and you know that hard work goes a long way. You'll get a lot done if you keep that attitude up (a lot more than Aurora at least, because you'll be awake). 

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