Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Campus to Conference Room: Building a Professional Wardrobe in College

As we all probably know, college is a time of transition. You're out of your safe hometown bubble, but you're not quite in the "real world" yet. This is probably one of the last times in your life it will be acceptable to wear yoga pants on a week day, so take advantage of that! But we should also be using our collegiate years to build a professional wardrobe so we're not stuck spending all the money we don't have come graduation on blazers and pencil skirts.

That's why I've taken some time to pick out versatile campus to office pieces that are casual enough to wear in college, but professional enough that they'll also work when you graduate. 

Midi Pencil Skirt, Zara, $59.90
A pencil skirt is key for the professional set, but basic black can be a little boring for a college campus. This bright blue adds some excitement to the work day uniform, and could easily be worn for a night out at school paired with a crop top.

Lace Jacket, H&M, $24.95
Even if you're still in college, every girl needs a good blazer, but there's no rule it needs to be plain. This one's still in a neutral hue, making it office-friendly, but the lace will make you stand out in the crowd.

Pleated woven pants, Forever 21, $22.80
Say goodbye to the ill-fitting dress pants of offices past. These cropped, pleated trousers emphasize your shape in a way that's still perfectly work appropriate, but could also be paired with a printed tank for class or hanging out with friends.

Harper Geometric Textured Dress, Francesca's, $68
Dresses are a great choice for building a professional wardrobe. Worn with a blazer, this shift is perfect for the workplace. Worn without, it's perfect for a school event or just brunch with friends.

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