Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Instant Confidence Boosters

Let's face it: some days, you feel like a force of nature. Other days, you feel like you have fused with your couch and your eyes hurt from watching so many uninterrupted hours of Long Island Medium. On days like the latter, it's hard to break out of your rut and feel cool and confident again. As someone who spends a lot of my time in sweatpants and a top knot working on writing, I've developed a few tips and tricks for returning to my normal, confident human being status after one of those days.

Dark Lipstick

No joke–– if you're ever having a blah day, throw on some "Media" by MAC and you will almost instantly feel ready to kick ass and take names. There's something about makeup that's drastic that makes me feel like I can take on the world. Just think, "I need a drink and a shade of lipstick that will put the fear of God in a man's heart," and then get your inner-badass on.

"Goddess" by Iggy Azalea

Seriously, listen to this song. You will feel like you can conquer the world, or at the very least, conquer whatever it is you have to do that day. Sometimes you just need some girl-power rap to get your day kick-started, and this song has got you.

Power Posing

It might sound silly, but there's some science behind certain stances and what they can do for your confidence levels. So next time you have a job interview, or a first date, or whatever the case may be, look in the mirror and get your best Wonder Woman on.

Look Good, Feel Good

I am super lazy. Hence the name of this blog. But even I know the power of dressing up and showing up. As hard as it is sometimes to motivate yourself to really put together an outfit when it's easier to just throw on old standbys, I guarantee you you'll feel better when you know you look good. So ditch the same old jeans and a v-neck and go for whatever killer celebrity-inspired look you've been meaning to try.

Brag a Little

Women are constantly taught to play down what they accomplish for fear of sounding braggy. I say screw that. If you're feeling down and need a pick-me-up, sometimes it helps to mentally list all your awesomeness. Think about the new promotion you just landed, or the final you just aced, and your confidence will no doubt feel a hike.

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