Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Lazy Girl Guide to Procrastinating Work

As a self-proclaimed Lazy Girl, one of my many talents includes procrastination. Some of my favorite college memories include me and my roommate Melanie laying on the couch, cursing the work we had to do whilst watching vines and sending snapchats to delay the inevitable. That being said, here are some tricks of the lazy trade when you don't want to do all that work you have to do.

1. Buzzfeed Quizzes
Because why study when you can find out what major city you were meant to live in, or what boybander is your soulmate? Buzzfeed quizzes are the ultimate procrastination tool, because no matter how many you do, there's always another one waiting to tell you what your favorite kind of cheese says about your personality.

2. Creepy Pasta Reddit
If you're looking to sleep at night this may not be your best bet. I'm terrified of scary movies but for some reason love reading scary things, and this reddit is the best for ghost stories, the paranormal, and literally any other creepy thing you might need to know more than you need to work on that thing your boss wants you to do.

3. Figure out the rules to True American
This is an actual thing my roommates and I have done. We then proceeded to put said rules on a poster in our apartment. Procrastination at its finest. It'll take you long enough that afterwards, you can yawn and promise you'll write your paper first thing in the morning.

4. Teach yourself the Wobble, or any choreographed dance.
This also may or may not be something that has happened in my apartment. Grab some wine and Spotify and enjoy your living room dance party, ignoring thoughts of that report you need to be working on.

5. YouTube Beauty Tutorials
Bonus points if you get so far down the procrastination rabbit hole that you decide to try them out on yourself (just don't burn any hair off).

6. "Like" everyone on Tinder
Some weirdness is definitely going to ensue. Said weirdness will burn at least a few hours of work time, and you will undoubtedly get some very funny screenshots to send your friends.

7. Download the "Closet" app
Spend the next six hours photographing and cataloging every piece of clothing you own. Live the rest of your life like it's Clueless.

8. "Where are they now?"
Ask yourself where random child celebrities from shows you used to love are now. Spend the rest of the night in an IMDB wormhole until you're on the personal Facebook page of some kid from Mighty Ducks.

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