Friday, June 20, 2014

What I'm Loving This Week

Taylor Swift
When I was 14, I heard the song "Tim McGraw" for the first time. In the 8 years since, Taylor Swift's music has gotten me through some THINGS, let me tell you. Sometimes a sad fifteen year old girl needs to hear that there's better things ahead than the guy who treated her badly, and sometimes a 22 year old nears to hear that it's okay not to have it all figured out–– and for that, I've always had T Swift. But now Taylor's taking it a step further than her songs, leaving really sweet, inspirational comments on her fan's Instagram photos. Love to see successful people keeping it classy and acknowledging their supporters!

Soccer Players with Beards
This is a very important demographic that we all really need to start paying more attention to, guys. I am not above watching a sport strictly to see Shakira's hot husband.

The Second City's Incomplete Guide to Everything
If you live in or around Chicago, go see this show. Tickets are super affordable, and laughing for two straight hours is a very good way to spend an evening. There's tons of really impressive improv, a song about Tinder (because of course), a sick girl rap about loving food, and even some puppets. 

The Mashup to End All Mashups
In case, like me, you like both 90's country and current amazing girl rap, you *need* to listen to this. I never knew I needed a Reba/Iggy mashup, but after listening, I'm not really sure how we were all living our lives without it. I've been obsessed with Iggy for a while now, and you can literally never go wrong with some old school Reba. 

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