Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ask the Lazy Girl: College Advice

Dear Lazy Girl,

I will start college this fall, and I'm kind of anxious and scared. Any tips on college, studying, or anything you would say to your younger self?


Orly of Coffee Beans and High Heels

Hi Orly,

First off, thanks for the question! When I read it, I tried my best to get back into the mindset of my 18 year old self: nervous, excited, and obsessively making packing lists. College is a huge chunk of your life, so there's a lot of advice to be given, but I'll boil things down to a few key points.

Get out of your comfort zone
It may seem like by leaving home you're already doing this, but I think it's important to remind yourself to keep doing it every day. Never stop trying to make new friends. Join whatever student organization interests you. Take a challenging class you think sounds really interesting. Actually talk to and get to know the people in your classes. All of that will make your four years much more full of life and fun than if you spend it watching Netflix and going to parties full of the same people you met the first weekend in the freshmen dorms.
Eat things that are not french fries
Seriously. My freshman year our cafeteria had fries EVERY. DAY. Meaning my meal plan was essentially paying for hundreds of pounds of potatoes annually. As tempting as it is, maybe sometimes get a salad?
Don't tie yourself down
I mean this in multiple ways. On the first day of one of my classes freshman year, our professor gave us this advice, and it really rings true. Don't tie yourself down to a person, or a place, or a particular path. Dating in college is fun, but don't get so entrenched in something that you forget to have all the fun you possibly can with friends and other experiences. Additionally, don't tie yourself to one place–– be open to travel, and study abroad, and even to living somewhere else entirely come graduation. Finally, don't tie yourself down to an idea of what your life should be that you had at age 18. Looking back, I wish I had gone into college undecided–– I changed my mind about my path about a million times, and I'm still changing it. People are ever-evolving, so don't pigeonhole yourself!
Figure out what it is you love, and do that
Use college as a time to explore your options. I went through a million different kinds of writing in college figuring out what type it is I like best. Don't feel like you have to always have it figured out, just go with the things that make you happy. Believe me, it's a lot easier to work hard at something you love doing than it is with something you're doing because you think it's what you're supposed to do. Take advantages of the cool opportunities college provides you, like internships and electives, and figure out what it is you care about.
Oh, and take lots of naps. Post-college world does not integrate enough nap time, in my opinion.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Lazy Girl Guide to Hot Guys with Beards

I love a good beard more than I love most things. On the list of things that make me happiest when it comes to guys, it's safe to say facial hair cracks the top ten. As hard as I try I don't really care about hockey, but I am a big fan of the playoff beard and was heartbroken to see the men of Chicago simultaneously shed them this past season.

So for all the beard-lovers like me out there, I give you the top ten all-time best beards in Hollywood. Because nothing makes a dude hotter than looking a little bit like a mountain man. 

10. Emile Hirsch

9. Liam Hemsworth

8. Ewan McGregor

7. John Legend

6. Jon Hamm

5. Zayn Malik

4. James Franco

3. Jake Gylenhaal

2. Garrett Hedlund

1. Chris Pine

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The 5 Best Things About Sorority Sisterhood

5 Best Things About Sorority Sisterhood
Guest post from Amy over at A Greek Concept

Being a part of a sorority sisterhood is truly unlike any other experience in life. Even the bond of siblinghood can’t compare to the endless hours, trials, laughter, tears, and experiences that sorority sisters endure together. Only those who have taken the bold step into PanHellenic life really understand the intensity of their commitment, and the immense plethora of things they learn throughout their whole lives because of their sisterly bond. We hope these 5 best things about sorority sisterhood will convince you to join, or change your mind about what being a sorority girl is really all about.

A Home Away From Home
When you’re a tiny freshman embarking on the scariest adventure of your life it’s 100% natural to wish for a place to call home. Once you’ve gone through rush and found out where you’ll pledge, you are INSTANTLY enveloped into a group of hundreds of girls who are excited about welcoming you home. This feeling of “belonging” when you’re so lost in a sea of thousands of people is unlike anything else. What you learn about hospitality during this time is incredible – not to mention you have access to 60+ closets and never have to worry about what to wear. Holler!

      Learning About People & Life – Together
Never have you been granted such an opportunity to be meshed together with people of varying personalities, talents, traits, and opinions. You learn to adapt and cling to what you believe while being challenged. The amazing thing is that your sisters also respect and support you in what you think, learn, and decide for yourself! You learn from each other’s experiences whether they’re directly related to you or not. Maybe your best friend’s dad dies while you’re living in the house together. You hold back from judging her getting a bit too drunk every night, hold her close as she cries, and help her to pick back up every time she stumbles. Maybe you experience your parents getting divorced while you’re in college, and your sisters surround you with encouraging notes, tons of distraction, and always a few hands to hold. These experiences make the whole house of sisters stronger and better.

      Someone With You Every Step of the Way
When you make your jump out of the house/nest, you have a big and grand-big there to help you advise you on the scary road. You have a million people supporting you as you leap into real life. Wherever you end up, your sisters are right behind you, surrounding you, and often you can find a few in your city who are instantaneous friends!

      Being Part of a Legacy
Forever and always you wear your letters. You never grow out of the circle of friends, or the bigger legacy you belong to. Constantly surrounded, supported, and loved by hundreds of sisters. Forever.

      Gives You Purpose
Every sorority has a mission/value/purpose statement – a reason to BE. This reason and purpose never leaves those who are influenced by it, and who take up the cause wholeheartedly. Forever and always a sorority sisterhood fights for the purpose to which they pledged.

Amy Furrow is the owner of A Greek Concept an online retailer of licensed Greek merchandise. She’s got drive, heart, and passion – something Greek life is all about. From Sorority picture frames, tote bags, and jewelry, as well as Fraternity coolers, glassware, and travel accessories; A Greek Concept is filled to the brim with options for every Sorority sister or Fraternity brother.