About the Lazy Girl

Welcome to the Lazy Girl Guide!

I'm Samantha. Or Sam. Or whatever else you'd like to call me.

I'm 22 years old, studying English in this beautiful city right here

I started this blog because I love to write, plain and simple. Between this blog, my work as a correspondent for USA TODAY College, and my college newspaper, it's what takes up a good 90% of my life. And I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Aside from writing, I'm an avid reader, a huge comedy nerd, and a dog person who's growing to tolerate cats. I love baseball and crime shows (but who doesn't?). I spend a lot of time tweeting, obsessing over boy bands, and watching teen television dramas, but sometimes I attempt to be an adult. It's a work in progress.

This blog may at any given time contain the following: lists of things I like, lists of things I dislike, lists, fashion and beauty tips, pop culture obsessing, occasional politics, and general advice giving.

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Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this blog are my own; they do not reflect the opinions of any employers or organizations I am affiliated with. I do not claim ownership over any images used unless otherwise stated. 

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  1. Loving this intro:) It's so YOU and fabulous!